Swedish Massage  is  good for all Children with muscle functions  with soft gentle strokes.  $20 for 30 min 

"Having a child receive a massage is beneficial because it teaches them appropriate therapeutic touch, as well as teaching them how to relax and slow down in this fast-paced society. It also teaches them that massage can be an essential part of life, especially while growing and developing because massage can help soothe their muscles during growth spurts, relieve the soreness of "growing pains" and quiet their busy thoughts! It is also great for athletic children as it helps their muscles recover from an intense game or training and keep them performing optimally. So, essentially, it is beneficial both mentally AND physically!"


Children Massages are $20 for 30 mins if need or prescribed by a doctor or physician it possible can be covered by the insurance please call and check.  Most are covered by the HSA card for the full family.       

Massage for children offers a variety of health benefits. Infant Weight Gain. Premature babies often struggle with weight gain. Stress and Anxiety Relief. Massage reduces stress hormone levels and blood glucose levels. Stimulates Motor Development. Stimulates Cognitive Development.Type your paragraph here.